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PS3 and WMP


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I have set up WMP to stream my media to the PS3. My only problem is that things I have long since deleted still show up. I'm trying to figure out a way to get them removed and always updated so I don't have to go through a long drawn out process to remove these things.

Also I attempted to use TVersity and it just would not get recognized by my ps3 even with WMP and extender options turned off.

Anyone else who has set this up please help!!
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I have my ps3 streaming too. What is the issue? I am not sure I am understanding the problem?

You still have stuff cached on your ps3 that you deleted?


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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no...the problem is that if I had a movie in my shared folder (example movies and within that a folder called lord of the rings) if I delete that movie it continues to show up on my ps3 or even my xbox 360 as if it's still there even though it's been deleted.

It think it is a library issue with wmp.
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