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PS2 via Firewire?


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I notice that the PS2 has a iLink port, which is the same as a firewire connection. I'm curious, if I were to connect my PC and PS2, what would I be able to do / what software would I need?



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i tried this about a year ago when i got my audigy. yeah, nothing happened. at the most, i was hoping i could backup my saved games on my hd.


From http://au.playstation.com/technology/ilink.jhtml
i.LINK Cable for PlayStation®2

By incorporating i.LINK technology, PlayStation®2 is perfectly placed to integrate with other digital AV devices for the creation of home networks. i.Link is the fastest cable for high speed digital signal transfer. This is the ultimate in multimedia connection. The best possible picture and sound quality is always delivered as all the data remains in the digital domain. i.Link provides a pure digital data path for quick, error-free data transfer. i.LINK uses real-time data transfer to ensure the purest video signal retaining brilliant color, sound, picture detail.

PlayStation®2 can "plug and play" and "hot plug" (even when the power is on) with other i.Link compatible products such as digital cameras, camcorders and VCR's Scaleable high speed data transfer rates (up to 400Mbps) combined with easy connection and real time data processing make PlayStation®2 equipped for a wide variety of exciting new applications. i.LINK compatibility delivers multiplayer networking for up to 6 player entertainment. The brilliant Racing Game Gran Turismo 3 A-spec is the perfect example to demonstrate this.The i.LINK possibilities are endless.
Probably not in use at the moment

I'm guessing thats for possible future upgrades.

However, if you wanted to mess with it, you could get this:


I'm guessing then you'd have access to the firewire port.

However, if you just want to hook your ps2 up into your network as a streaming media box (just a hunch) then the following is what your looking for:


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