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PS2=>USB Keyboard?

I have a PS2/USB Convertor, Im trying to use my current Keyboard with my iBook. Now when I plug the Keyboard in through the convertor the 3 LEDs flash as normal, however I am getting no response from the keyboard what so ever.

Is there something I can do to solve this because I really need to be able to use this?


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I don't know anything about the iBook so I am just going to state the obvious... are you booting your computer up with the keyboard already plugged in? Are you using a KVM switch to be able to use two PC's with the same mouse and Keyboard? If you can't get it to work why not just buy a USB keyboard?


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Ray asked exactly what i was gonna ask. have you restarted the computer after plugging it in, or did you plug it in while the computer was already on? gotta remember PS2 isn't auto-detected and usable even when the computer is powered on like USB is.


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Sean, I've had this problem with Windows. Newer keyboards don't seem to like the PS/2 converter. Try an older keyboard and see it that works.


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Solution, but a USB Keyboard, they're about £3 these days :p

Have you used the board in another machine and can verify it works? I have a few boards at home which "power up" (LED's light at boot time) but don't respond as the connection from the actual keys to the circuit inside is broke.

As Matt says though, it could just be a fecker... try another board :D
I have tried three boards from around the house, all three work. Its very frustrating, but I guess they are just picky - or the iBook is picky *shrug*

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