PS2 to USB, keyboard; possible?


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29 Aug 2002
Well I have a freebie crud keyboard and a laptop with USB ports - the keyboard is PS2 only. You always get a USB to PS2 adaptor with stuff (I have lots) but can you do teh same the other way so I could use the PS2 with my USB ports for a laptop keyboard?

(sorry being lazy and not googled or searched forum overly - just busy ATM! :p )
Can I ask where you got it or what it might have come with? (Just guessing on the latter)
not sure actually, might've come with my very old microsoft mouse
Just do a search on ebay for 'USB to PS2 Adapter'

There are loads, about £1.99ish
OK I feel really lazy now that I did not do that searching myself....

one thing though that I do not think I can get from a search - rather than buy the thing outright - is there a known current product I can buy that will include this? Bear in mind I may be in the market for a decent keyboard/mouse combo anyway...

Thanks guys!
i got one that converts both the ps/2 mouse and keyboard to a single usb. Works well enough.

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