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6 Oct 2006
Hi. I downloaded the PCSX (a Playstation 2 emulator) and I got all the bios I needed to play the English, American and European games on this emulator.

However, I bought a game Crash Twinsanity that I want to play on the computer before my birthday (I'm getting the real PS2 on the 28th but I can't wait to play).

Anyway I need the ISO file off the game. Now, I don't how to do this so I need your help. Someone suggested using a program called ANY DVD ripper, but it won't rip the disc because it hasn't got a folder that a dvd normally has. Video_LTS or something.

So... I really need help here.

I don't how to get the ISO either.
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There is no way you can make an ISO of a PS2 or any other console disk as they are created in a totally different fashion to stop you doing just this thing.

Others use special equipment to do this.

If i'm wrong, someone let me know.
hold on here?!?!?!..........are you freaking serious there is a PS2 emulator out there

There is no possible way that is true is it? Someone provide a screenshot to prove me wrong because I am finding that hard to believe. This is freaking news to me.
There are emulators for pretty much anything and everything if you look hard enough out there.

Now, your degrees of success and running things succesfully in said emulators varies quite a bit depending on physical hardware compatibility the emulator runs on, the complexities of the game/software you are trying emulate, and the uniqueness of the hardware you are trying to emulate.

As for copying PS2 discs, it is (sort of) possible but, again, your success in such endeavors will vary greatly.

Having never done it myself, I can give you no advice. In any case, passing on such knowledge of a questionably legal status is generally frowned upon 'round these parts.
My gosh I have had the light shed on me and some. Thanks lots fitz that was great.

Now as far as looking hard enough for it...hahaha...I possibly won't try due to the fact that I have been busy. I'll just skip on this emulator crazynes because I remember those crazy days that I had with the ePSXe emulator. OMG though the times I had with that emulator after spending so many hours tinkering with the freakin options to get the games to run right. Oh the times those times.

Dammit!!! I have a bad feeling im going to go back with this and attempt to get the ePSXe on my current system for nostalgic purposes. I dont like you guys no more. HAHAHAHAHA just playing thanks for the insight.
DVD Decrypter should do the trick, if you manage to find it... You can also use software like PowerIso to make an iso image out of your disc.
elven: i'd suggest not posting something like this in these forums again, since usually threads like this get closed or deleted anyway, but even if the so-called PS2 emulator you downloaded IS actually a PS2 emulator, the chances of it playing a retail PS2 game are slim to none. most of the time the PS2 emulators seem to only be able to play either homebrew, or demo games. it'll take quite some time to reach that level.

as for the games.... some console manufacturer's (don't remember which ones it was between Sony, MS, and Nintendo) actually have the discs recorded to and read from the opposite direction that a normal player/burner does (outside inward, instead of inside outward). so recording a PS2 game would take a certain special touch (think usually requiring the PS2 to be connected to a PC somehow and copied that way.... not 100% sure on that).
hes probably gona have to mod theps2 first lol wouldnt recommend that tho :p mite screw up the whole thing , you can flash a "special " software to the ps2 , it should allow you to copy the game to u r comp via tcp/ip ...... am i talking reality ? lol dunno if its for thte xbox , nitendo or ps2 :p

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