well, there are 7500+ servers running cs at any one time, each with 0-32 people, for a fantastic close estimate of 120,000+/- players, all who can and do change their alias' anytime they want... yes, yes, I havent... heard... of... him... :eek:


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celticfan11 said:
wow how old are you brad? 10?
this is the lamest post

Thats 2 posts I see you insulting people tonight , I don't think your in the right frame of mind for NTFS .. around here we tend to be very relaxed and helpfull, trust me ... Dont look at my stats I am a member here since 2001 and had over 1500 posts .. I am no newbie to NTFS .. word of advice be nice :)


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I will be 23 on March 30th. I also probably have been around this site a lot longer than you have.

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