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Protection for MacBook


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Hey people, any idea or advice on how to protect my MacBook in terms of the physical aspect. I bought a screen shield for the screen. Any more tips?


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Wrap it in cotton-wool, and bubble wrap, then place it in an air-tight chest.

Alternatively, just get a case/carry bag for it, and all should be well, no matter how hard you try and protect it though, it will get scratched at some point, my iBook is (and even has a wonky LCD because I dropped it :p).


You bought the thing to use - so use it. (Just put it in a case)
They are cheap and look cool.

I met one guy who had covered his iBook with stickers and claimed it was in pewrfect condition under the stickers!


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I've never understood the point of covering up a great-looking piece of hardware. Take the iPod for example -- all the ridiculous cases that completely cover up it up. What's the point of having a nicely-designed iPod when you don't even see it? Who cares if it's in perfect condition underneath if you don't see it?

I keep my MacBook in a neoprene sleeve inside a shoulder bag. I wipe down the screen on occassion (iClear is a good product). I'll also wipe down the handrests and mousepad when needed. You can cover the entire laptop with a sticky, transparent film made by someone -- but then it doesn't look quite as nice, even though it's protected underneath. My suggestion is to leave it alone and handle it with care. :)

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