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Hi i would like to knw how do you put passwords on folders like to stop other ppl getting into there a way of doing this i think there is but not sure:confused:

Also when selecting folders or just highlighting them it doesnt dispaly the file name like the extension do u do this??
Are you useing FAT32 or NTFS, I believe you have to be useing NTFS to do it.
you have to be using NTFS, then you can use the user profile's to make it so you only have access to the folders, also i'm not sure what you meant about extension, but folders do not have any type of extension
I'm pretty sure this can only be done on xp pro not home - except compressed folders (and also must use NTFS). so if you have home....

also if you mean file extensions not folders then goto (in exporer) tools -> folder options, view tab and untick "hide extensions for known file types"
Sorry peeps i ment file ext and not folders Doh:p ..thy kahyman ane the rest of you:p
theres no way to do it locally within windows, but there are third party software to password protect folders. you can do it from a network tho. post it on a server and you can password protect the share. you can make your users documents folder private, theres a setting somewhere, but i cant find it cause i diabled simple file sharing,

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