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Protecting a CD from Everything!


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Does anyone know of software that can be used to seal a CD, so it can't be copied or the files/folders can't be copied off of it using Windows Explorer? I think I used something in the past to protect my BartPE environment, but this needs to be able to work outside of that world.


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A safebox. If you never give it out no one can copy it.

If you were so inclined you could build a PE, or VM environment to have the CD run in, with a security key based off system hardware, and a premade key for each CD.

We have a vendor who does this, so you cannot copy the CD, once installed on a machine a hardware change causes the install to stop functioning. And once the VM is setup on the PC, then the other encrypted contents of the disc can be read.


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Yeah I know of that possibility as well, but it wouldn't quite work in the environment I need to use it as the machines are variable. The only constant are the people needing to access the information.

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