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Proper offsite backup setup needed.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

Using a WinServer2008 server, with a virtual environment within it, I am faced with trying to figure out the best way to do daily & offsite backups with this mission critical dual Mysql setups.

The total size of the C:/ drive is now approx 65gigs. It is the only server in the workplace.

Maybe a single image backup of entire C: once a week through FTP while everything else is internal office?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Unless all 65 gig is subject to change daily/weekly etc. doing an entire 65GB dump is not very productive.

Risk Assessment - adress each risk independently
-Simple hardware failure - traditionally just mirror the drive
-Complex hardware failure w/data corruption - requires periodic backup of everything
-Infection with data destruction - requires periodic backup of data
-Operator error - requires frequent back up of changed files

1) Mirror the HD's.
2) Make a periodic image of the drive(s) on changes (when upgrades are performed, etc.) and store the backups where they have physical security from theft or fire, etc. Keep 2-3 backups and rotate them. Keep one on site for rapid recovery.
3) Do an incremental backup every 1-4 hours using a utility that just scans for changed files. Can store on site, but in a seperate computer w/seperate protection on the power line, modems(preferably none), ethernet (prefereably an optical link), and connect no peripherals to avoid sneak failure paths.

You also have to have a process in place to recover data that is entered (submitted orders, etc.) but not backed up yet. This depends on how cirtical your data is.

Look for an off the shelf tool. We're using Connected Data Protector and it is a lot better than the last resource hog we used.

That ought to get you started.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks Leejend.

That is exactly what I need to get started on devising a proper strategy for this.

I will need a piece of software to make this happen, sounds like that is a good for us too.


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