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proper cooling of your pc?


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here is the setup i have

2 cdroms
3 hdds
9800pro card
p4 1.7
384 ram chips

i have 2 fans mounted in the back on the case
1 in front of the hdds

the 2 mounted in the back, should the air be pushing out of the case or in the case? large amount of air is coming out
You really need 2 up front an 1 in the back.

1 in front blowing across HD's
1 In front just sucking cool air in.
1 in back exhausting hot air.
You already have a 2nd in the back exhausting hot air (the power supply).


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Are you concerned about fan noise at all? the posts about fans and their directions are all correct - but you have posted no temperature readings and depending on how you drive that system you could have a fan controller and make adjustments accordingly.

I am assuming you are happy with your CPU cooling and temp and your question is basically about case temps.

Operationally IMHO HD's have more potential sensitivity to high temperature (meaning approaching ore exceeding 50oC) so if they are constantly being driven that may be the area to watch, as LeeJend says). You could post up your PSU - if it's a twin fan it will be pulling plenty air through at the back too...


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there are 3 zones for my pc case. processor zone zone 1 zone 2. i foind an application on my mobo cd that reads the temp. it said zone 2 was at 50c and is giving warning signs

how do know what zone is what?


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what's the case and what's the mobo?

I only have two thermistors, the processor (most everyone has that) and the mobo. Plus I basically do not really rely on my mobo readout a great deal, although it should give me a feeling for case temps I am nit at all sure it could be accurate.

I might guess your readout for zone 2 could be near your RAM on the board - another area where cooling can matter for stability. If you have your mobo manual or look online for it you should be able to get definite info I would think.

If your case were really hot just think how hot it is and realise you should be able to feel heat (more than warmth) on the sides and in the exhaust - otherwise IMO you can legitimately doubt the readouts - maybe factor them down ten degress or so.


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My CPU (AMD XP3000+) is normally about 57oC (and I am happy and stable) although I can activate a blowhole fan to reduce that around 5o it is quite noisy so I am happy enough without it.

You can have quite a variation m as you can see - what is acceptable is fairly subjective. I'm not sure what these "warnings" are, but if you are stable - then you are stable and that is what counts. Most CPUs are all running with thermal cutouts to prevent damage and often GPUs too - hence my mention of HDD as main concern IF those temps are in any way accurate and in any way near HDD (both of which sound unlikely to me, but not enough info to tell yet.

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I have modified my case and insulated it all with matting, removed every fan and added silica to reduce noise. Now the only noise it makes it is air moving. There is no vibration noise.


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that sounds, pardon the pun, like a sweet setup EP. i've been meaning to take it to the sound in my computer, but i didn't have any spare time in the summer. possibly when winter sets it i'll have a go at it.

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