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promise ultra133 tx2 ide controller problem??



i use promise ultra133 tx2 controller card. the problem is when
detecting the drive it display :-

D0 - sony dvd 16x UDMA2
D1 - not detected
D2 - not detected
D3 - not detected

Ulta133 Tx2 Bios not installed bacause is no drives attached.

what it mean by no drive attached. anyone know how to solve this problem


i have :

40gb hdd - set to primary master on board
52X cd-rom - set to secondary master on board
cdrw - set to set to secondary slave on board
dvd - set to primary master to the controller card

do i need to set slave for the dvd jumper??


windows seem ok . i can use my dvd to play movie and its working just fine. so anybody can solve this problem?


NTFS Junkie
This is from the Promise web site

Question: What does it mean when I boot the system and the Ultra100 says, ´´BIOS Not Installed´´?
Answer: Cause: No Hard Drives attached to Ultra100.

Solution: The Ultra100 is fully PnP. This means all the resources that it uses are GIVEN to it by the PnP BIOS on the motherboard. The Ultra100 does support IRQ sharing, but this will not work unless ALL the concerned devices support IRQ sharing. If your motherboard allows you to control the assignment of these resources, you may be able to remedy the problem by ´´playing around´´ with them. You can also try resetting the configuration data in the CMOS. This is usually an option in the PnP section of the CMOS. The only available settings for this option will be ´´Enabled´´ and ´´Disabled´´. Set it to ´´Enabled´´, save and exit, and reboot. Otherwise, the only way you might be able to affect these assignments is to switch the PCI slot that the card is in.

Although it refers to the utra 100 card it also applies to the ultra 133 as well cos it's basicly the same card


from the info you post . this mean i need to change my controller
to different pci slot only . and by the way is my controller card is working fine. no need to return to the store and get new one ???


NTFS Junkie
no there is no need to return it, if you don't understand the Q&A I got from their web site I would suggest that you send Promise tech support an e-mail. I am not an expert and would not like to give you bad advice, but the board sounds fine

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