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Promise ATA100 controller



WinXP recognizes my 2 udma ide hdd's as scsi drives! (I've a promise ata100 controller due to my asus a7v mobo, and winXP identifies it as a scsi/raid controller). everything works fine, but I see the performance slowdown. I tried to install diffrent versions of drivers of via4in1, and nothing helped. What is interesting is that my previous OS, winME recognized my HDD's correctly, nevertheless the configuration was pretty much the same (it recognized the controller in the same way, as scsi controller).

Does anyone know what should be done to make my deamn XP recognize the HDD's correctly?
in both 2k and XP i've noticed that alot of devices that connect harddrives over PCI are recognized as scsi devices...and the slowdown you are seeing is most liklely not coming from that. It's just calling it a SCSI device since it's not plugged into the onboard controller..when you look at the UDMA modes of the devices are they correct when the comp boots and in XP?


I've got a Promise TX2 ATA133 controller card in my rig, and XP does indeed think its a scsi device!

But i can also report that it works 100%, no slowdowns.




when you look at the UDMA modes of the devices are they correct when the comp boots and in XP?
there is the catch! UDMA modes are shown in a correct form when the comp boots, but XP doesn't recognize them at all (both the primary and the secondary IDE channels show "not applicable" under advanced settings => current transfer mode.
about the slowdown: my suspicions were justified on 2 benchmarks: 1)sisoftware sandra 2001 pro
2)pcmark 2001
both benchmarking progs. showed a HDD performance improvement when my "VIA bus master IDE controller" was disabled (everything works fine when I leave the controller disabled, just the CD isn't found).
So what can u say about this?
well I can take a stab that the drivers for the bus master ide controller could be causing a performance loss just because they keep checking the controller for your HD's...remember your HD's aren't on the IDE controller...so there could be a problem between the via 4-1's and your promise card somehow

but this is a stab in the dark


The Analog Kid
It seems to me that XP just does not like add on connection devices. It only likes onboard IDE. I tried a SIIG ultra ATA 133 pci card, and Xp hated it. It more than doubled my boot time and made my hd's very slow


Hating it!

Has anyone got anywhere on this subject.
My XP system will only boot to safe mode when I move my drives over to my new Promise 133 TX2.
I've tried every thing I can think of.

Epox MP3G2 (VIA Chipset) motherboard
3Com NIC
Sound Blaster Live 5.1
Nvidia Gforce 2
Western Digital (ATA 66) 6 gig system drive (C:)
Western Digital (ATA 100) 40 gig data drive (D:)
384 MB Ram
Windows XP

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