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Projector distance



Hi, does anyone know how far a projector has to be away from the wall its projecting onto? I guess that different projectors have different distances, but roughly how far would it be?

You're right, most projectors can need different distances.
Most of the projectors we have are about 3-4 metres from the smartboard that they are projecting onto. Although you can adjust the zoom of the lens manually, 3-4 metres seems to get a nice crisp and clear picture :)


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i agree about 3/4 meters. any fine tuning can be done with the lense. to do it the easy way turn the projector on and walk back holding it untill it fills the area you want (e.g a white board/projecter screen) as soon as the projected image is the right size stop + put in on a table or stand. u can then ajust the lens to get a nice sharp picture:cool:


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it totally depends on the lens. about 3-4 meters is good for a lot of projectors, but I've also installed ones that project from 27 inches. But those lenses are pricy. they are usually only found on $3000+ projectors

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