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Projector and notebood


OSNN One Post Wonder
Dear all

I used a notebook and projector to deliver training. It works well with powerpoint presentation. However, when I use Window Media to show video clips, the projector show a blank screen. (while the notebook can show the video)

What should I do? Pls. help! Urgent! Many thanks

I can be reached at alvinliu@ctimail.com
Are you using the tv-out of the notebook to connect to the beamer? If so, then it might be an overlay setting, but I am not sure how to set it. Can't you just use the monitor-out on the laptop?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Dear Glaanieboy

Thanks for your reply. I used monitor-out already. The projector work well with my friend's notebook (window 98). My notebook uses window XP.

Hmm, I have connected a lot of notebooks with the monitor-out function to beamers/projectors already, but I haven't seen this problem yet. I can't remember setting any settings, just a default install.


Computer Genius
i think you can get around that by disabling Video Acceleration in WMP (Tools->Options->Performance Tab->Move the slider all the way to the left)

But usually I just set it so that the video is showing only on the projector, and not on the laptop's LCD...that works too.

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