Project Snowblind screwup


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Well..... the one reason why i "sometimes" choose to bootleg games. GLAD i didn't buy this one either, but i'ma stop talking about that fact now. Tried to play the game... took about a minute to get to the company logo's and stuff, but i could understand that since it was the first time i tried to play the game. then the company logo's came up, then the opening cinematic scene plays. all is fine and well...... until it get's to the main menu. all of a sudden.... it practically goes 1fpm.... yes... that's right... 1 frame per MINUTE! i was like "wtf". seems like a fun game to play, but i'm not gonna wait a minute to see where my mouse cursor moved on the screen, then wait another minute for my click to register and click on the button, then wait another minute for the menu i chose to actually open. Hopefully Eidos comes out with a patch for this rather soon.


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I sometimes download games to get an extended demo of them(I buy if I like). Sounds to me like you got lucky with not buying this one :p. Tho there are some game publishers I REFUSE to buy from, for the most part I pay for my stuff :)


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yea.... sometimes i wonder why game companies whine so much when someone d/l's a bootleg copy of their game. lots of people do still buy the game (though i hope not too many bought this one. browsed the P:S forums and one person said there were only 80 people on the multiplayer part :lick:) If they're so worried about this stuff..... MAKE BETTER DEMO'S! nobody likes to download a friggin 400MB Demo version of a game that'll last a few minutes, or you get to play a mission or two, if they can download 2 times that and get the full thing. Think the best Demo i played so far was the demo for Star Wars: Republic Commando. they let you play quite a bit in that one.


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Elemental, I was having the same problems as you, get through the intro then the copyright screen comes up and it frops to like 1fps and is for all intents and purposes unplayable.

Anyways I went into the snowblind setup utility and turned off "Full Screen Effects" works fine now. Not sure what I am missing out on by disabling that but at least it plays. So maybe give that a try.


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