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[Project] - Micro ATX Home Server


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Hi all,

Following on from my other thread its modding time.

Right Firstly this is what I am starting with:

Lian Li Micro ATX case
Enermax 380watt PSU
Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R 6 onboard sata ports :)
A dual core pentium 2140 (or something, it a cut down core 2 duo)
1 gig of ram
My trusty zalman 7000 heatsink and fan

1 X WD 500GB GP
1 X WD 750 GB GP
1 X Seagate ST350063

Fancy bits

Matrix Orbital LCD
Icydock 5 bay hot swap

These Piccys are pre-mod



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Stage 1 - Making it fit

Right I have removed all of the internal components, so I now need to modify the case so I can fit my 3 x 5 & 1/4" drive bay, hdd caddy into a space where it only had 3 x 5 & 1/4" and a 3 & 1/2" bay. The second picture shows where I will need to cut with the dremel tomorrow (its getting dark outside).

It looks more straight forward than I was expecting, and i can leave some of the cage intact at the back which will help the stiffness. Currently my only major issues seem to be installing a vent on the opposite side, and cutting the face plate (brushed alu).

Wish me luck :)


should just buy a chembro 4U rackmount with hotswap bays in the front and a few sata raid cards :D

Oh and some high pressure fans for that authentic datacentre sound :D


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make bigger shelves for it :p
Well that would be the easiest option........

Still I don't have that much data and want a small out of the way server, for backing up data and bit of media streaming.

Looking at the case last night the only real akward bit is going to be fitting the LCD........

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