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Programs/games only for vista?


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I remember reading that MS was going to release Halo 2 for pc, but it will only run on vista. Now i could have misread, but will vista be a whole different set up where it will only run "newer" programs/games made for vista? Im a bit confused:dead:


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The new Halo is only being developed for Vista. Vista will run older games without issue and will have special features for gamers.


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Even though support for xp will go away after a while, they should keep the programs xp/vista...then move to just vista and what ever is next. Im sure some guy/girl will creat a "vista" emulator to run programs on older machines...

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For the same reason alot of applications won't work on Windows95, its evolution.

The more operating systems a complicated application has to suport, the more overhead and space it will have to take up.


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True EP, but isn't there a 32bit version of Vista for older machines? so theoretically, if there is a 32 bit version for older machines stuff written for Vista should work on XP, although there is the DX10 issue to think about

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I don't know the exact details of why Halo won't work, other than DirectX being a factor - but then I would have also expected DirectX10 to made available for XP (I have heard no mention that Cryoteks new game would be Vista only)

If applications can break in between WindowsXP SP1 and WindowsXP SP2, ie a "small" upgrade, going further back is going to be worse.


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There has to be a fallback path to support the current cards out there.

There is no way they can leave millions of users out in the cold.

And if there is a fallback path for dx9, there is no logical reason for it not to run in winxp.

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