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Program to see drive contents



I had a weird thing happen.. I have two drives and one of them had corrupted partition information.. I created new partitions on the master drive and reinstalled Windows.. when I connected up the second drive Windows says it's not formatted.. is there a program I can use to access that information despite the fact Windows doesn't see it?


Ok, does anyone know of a program that can rebuild partitions or recover all those files? I used NTFS on 2 partitions and FAT32 on 1 partition. All the info I want is on a NTFS partition.
if you repartition and then reformat there are a few programs that will allow u to get "some" of the files that were on that hard drive.

Easyrecovery is one that will, there are others of course.

just so you know it will not recovery 100% of the files once a format takes place, and a new OS is put on. some of those files will be lost due to being overwritten.

good luck



Thanks Iceman.. I think it's too late now.. when I used partition magic to look at my main drive the three partitions originally on it were gone and there was only a single 1.13MB partition left. I removed it with Fdisk and created two new partitions.. since I did that the second drive's three partitions disappeared and the drive is seen as unformatted by Windows.. I have tried EasyRecovery and some other programs to attempt to recover the data on the drive but without a file system it can't help me.. at this point it seems without sneding my drive to a data recovery company I will have to lose the data on the second drive.. I haven't formatted the second drive yet in hopes there is a way still to recover the data..


I managed to retrieve my files using a program called RStudio.. it works very well and fairly fast for a recovery program.. so, with that I recommend this program to all..

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