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I just ran across yet another CPU temp monitor/Temp enhancer program for AMD CPU's.

I have played with it for about an hour adjusting some settings and things and so far my temp has dropped from 50c to 39c just doing my normal everyday thing, internet/office programs.

The website has a ton of support/forums so you can read up on the program thoroughly before installing it.

So far it seems very worthwild. I tried to bog the system down opening 27 programs to really get the CPU going and the temp raised to 44c. By the way i love the page file system in XP over the fixed memory segment in 9x. No way i could of done that with 9x.

Try it out, it is a very small program and sits nicely in the system tray (as a service) and the icon is the mb temp and cpu temp.

Here is the link:

Oh and by the way.... ITS FREE!!!!


Asus A7V + 1ghz T-Bird
256mb pc133
6 fans including power supply
I've seen this type of program before..I noticed it only works on VIA chipsets so i'm out of luck =oP .....but for some reason I remember reading an article in maximum PC a long time ago about how putting the processor in a complete stop state by getting rid of the idle cycles of the CPU is bad...guaranteed this was back when your only real choice of cpu was a pentium...but i'm gonna look into it
hrmm, i haven't had a heat problem yet, and i am running an AMD XP 1800+, did you see a big performance jump?
no performance jump, no performance loss either. Temp is currently at 38c (CPU) 27c( MB) and running good. But this does seem to good to be true, so I have emailed the ASUS motherboard folks to ask them if this is recommended or if they have any data on it to see if there is any short/long term damage.

This program states that it will not help during peak cpu usage (gaming etc..)

All of my temps have been verified in the bios also.

More to follow. If i hear anything back from ASUS i will post the email.

If is does nothing to the systems performance then what is the point?:confused:
well, from what little i know about electronics - the cooler the better, silicon diodes loose their ability to resist electron flow if they get too hot, thus the ability to compute... so... if the chip stays cool, the trons all go where they are supposed to... also.. if you run the chip cooler, then it will probably last longer... you'll probably upgrade long before the life of the chip tho...

you are right tho... it does sound kinda too good... i wonder how exactly this prog works...
Oh how it works is removed the idle cycles of the up your task manager and you will see a process called system idle process...all this program does is stop the idle cycles, it is not a new concept, i'm still looking through my old maximum pc's to find why they recommended not doing it cause I clearly remember them stating that :p
I get this, so it don't work, oh well
Originally posted by Khayman
I get this, so it don't work, oh well

LOL you running an intel CPU? Its for AMD's only.

As far as performance, I probably do not notice a performance difference because I was truely not HOT by AMD's standards at 50c. Plus I am not a gamer, basically I do internet/office type stuff. But even still this program only works when CPU is in the idle state, cutting off or lowering the power therefore lowering the temp.

This program works, dropped my temperature down 13c without a lag in performance at all. It actually seems to good to be true, so I am not completely sold on the idea of this concept. It just seems there might be some premature wear and tear on CPU/Mobo with all of the switching on and off.

I have emailed Asus and asked them but the email came back undelivered. I also emailed AMD to see their thoughts on the issue and to see if they can provide any data. When and if I here from them, I will post the email.

The website has some good documentation, their own forum for this program.

But in the mean time, I am currently at 35c and running strong.
i use WPCRSET on my via chipset and amd chipset boards. i'll probably also use it for a new sis chipset board this week as well. different registers are changed for the different chipsets, but it does work to enable hlt and allow the cpu to actually idle.

if you have a question on what register(s) are enabled for your chipset, one place to look is at forums. do a search for WPCRSET in the proper motherboard forum, and you will find the settings.

now wether or not this is useful for any one person is another story. if your computers run 24/7 doing something, or perhaps run some distributed computing etc programs, then it won't make any difference.

but all my computers essentially idle more than not. so i have applied WPCRSET on all. and in doing so most run within 2c+/- the system temp at idle.
Check out the website Khayman, it is only for certain chipsets, not CPU's, even if you have an amd cpu, you have to have the chipset that the program corresponds to whiwh appears to only be via's
Originally posted by Qumahlin
Check out the website Khayman, it is only for certain chipsets, not CPU's, even if you have an amd cpu, you have to have the chipset that the program corresponds to whiwh appears to only be via's

yeah what he said...LOL just kidding..

Originally posted by Qumahlin
I've seen this type of program before..I noticed it only works on VIA chipsets so i'm out of luck

I know you seem against this (kinda) but at the same time interested. In my trying to research this, I did find another program that I think works with everything....
I tried that program awhile back and it didn't work for my mb which uses the 761 chipset.

My temps are pretty good right now so I'm fine anyway.

The best little cpu cooler I ever used was "Rain". But that was for PII, PIII's (BX chipsets) only in Windows 95 or 98.

That program dropped my temps by 12-15 degrees F.
that vcoool site is in German, doesn't help us who cant read it ;-)

I dont read German, darn
oh dear, i have a AMD cpu and a via chip set!!

but i dl their new beta version, and it works!

in the top left hand corner is a link to the engish version!

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