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Program to detect if your driver is updated or has a conflict..


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hi. i just recently had a problem with SP2 and had to reinstall everything for 3 times now and finally decided not to upgrade to SP2.. before my pc was ok and when i upgraded to sp2 things went crazy and had the blue screen/reboot anytime problem and restore points did not work -all of it.
is there a program that can detect if your specific driver is not compatible with your system OS and shows drivers that are having a problem with your OS? i have an xp pro fresh installed.. thanks.
No program but you can check the SP2 compatibility site. After I looked at it and saw 80% of the programs (including most of MS's own stuff) had compatibility issues I decided to wait for SP2a.


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i've heard that spyware plays a major part in sp2 upgrades, perhaps you could make sure you don't have any

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