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Program to control computer via network


Apple lover, PC User
Hello everyone, A few days ago (before I formatted my laptop) i downloaded this free program, it let you get any infomation you wanted on a computer on your LAN, and even let you shut down applications. anyone have any idea what it's called?

reply ASAP




Apple lover, PC User
nah.. it was just infomation on it (real good specs, memory, cpu, etc.) and than had another tab which displayed the running processes..., and you could end them. it would really do wonders for my network right now (major problems)



Apple lover, PC User
Nah, it worked on 98 machines too. You basically had to enter the computer name into the box, than it would get the computer infomation after a minute or so. It would display various infomation, such as RAM, CPU, HDD infomation and such. It had another tab to see all the running processes and than you could end them. I believe it was free.



Apple lover, PC User
I honestly don't know what to do... all I remember is some guy saying something along the lines of "wow, I never knew that much infomation could be taken [the cpu infomation, ram, etc.]




Dameware NT utlilities?


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Kind regards,
Willem Moolenaar

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