Program CPU usage ?



How can I alter the priority of a program ?? I have an old 16bit
prog that uses the CPU 100% ... can I change this ?
(and no, there isnt a newer version !!!)

Whats the program?

To change priority, go to the task manager > Process Tab > right-click on the process you want to change, and point to "Set Priority", then make the change.

Is it causing mulitasking problems with other programs?
All the options in "task manager" are greyed out !!! And I presume this only applies for this instance of running ?? Would like to reduce its overhead permanantly !

When miltitasking everything else runs very stuttery and sluggish, hence the need for a fix !

:confused: :confused:

All the options in Task Manager are greyed out?

If were talking about the same thing, I've never heard of this before.

Is there a possibility you could attach a screenshot of your task manager so I could take a look at it? This doesnt sound right...

Thanks :)
Heres a pic of task manager ... you can see that when I select priority the high/low bit is greyed !
Have noticed that the prog in question is "inset" a little, does this tell us anything ? 16bit maybe ?

Has anyone out there ever seen this before? I sure havent...
hehe, that's a new one, i've never encountered...
What's the program? And Have you tried running it in compatabilty mode?...

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