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Prog to view photos on a dvd player

Im after a free program that will allow me to burn photos onto a dvd that can then be viewed on a normal DVD player (as a few of my friends dont have a PC and want copies of holiday photos)


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If you don't have anything like Nero etc, and you want something free then you could try http://www.codejam.com/motv.htm which has an unlimited trial, the only difference between this and the full version is that it will leave a watermark on your pics.
If you've got Nero (or equivalent) already, you could use something like Photostory 3, which is now totally free for windows XP, which will create a wmv video file, which you can then burn onto a disc as a S-VCD or DVD with Nero.
What software do you have?


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well is ur dvd player old or new? because if it quite new, then it should play jpgs depending on the model. if not just do what ray suggested

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