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prog for making fav icons?

does anyone know of a program that can make those little icons that sit by a link in your favorites menu? the default one for ie is the little white page with the blue "e" over it, but some sites have a custom one. i'd like to make one for my site.
thanks in advance
You don't need a program.
Just add this line to the <head> section of your webpage:

<link rel="icon" href="favicon.jpg" type="image/jpeg" />
The favicon should be 16x16 pixels, and would be called favicon.jpg in this case.

The type would change according to the image extension:
JPG: type="image/jpeg"
GIF: type="image/gif"
PNG: type="image/png"



I may actually be insane.
The method that NetRyder mentioned will work great for pages (XHTML/PHP and so on) but if you also want the favicon to appear on things such as images or text files when they are being loaded by themselves and not within a page, you need to put favicon.ico in your site root (as ViperSnake said) which will probably be

You can use this app: http://www.irfanview.com/ to convert images into ico files. :)

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