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how do u make a blog within a HTML using ur own site...? I want it to have the current date and time when i do it. is it possible? i really dont' wanna use blogs that other companies host and etc


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It was kind of hard to understand your question. Anyways, just use HTML to make your blog/site.

As for the current date and time, you need to have a script for it.

Is that what you're asking for?


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I use SPeedY_B Content Management System Of Doom Limited Mega Ultra Uber Super Release. Doom Edition. (Translation: I made it myself :p)

You should be ok with IPB as long as you follow the documentation that comes with it. :)
SPeedY_B said:
hehe, nice. Can't beat a good epochs time-stamp though ;) :p
i did, for a time, have my own blog application in VB...but my blog grew out of it, and i lack the programming capability to create another one to suit my needs at this time :)


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prodj88 said:
k i download the zip and theres all these folders. it looks confusing but im using the tutorial thing with it...
just unzip it, then ftp the folder called upload, it really is easy. then navigave to the apopriate readme.html :cool:

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