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Processor update on update site.


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On the update site for xp there is an update in the drivers bit called Advanced micro devices processor software update released december 17th 2002. Does anyone know what this is? I have been having problems with xp in the past and I think that this update could be the cause. I installed win 2000 today and it didn't have this on the update site for it and everything seemed fine which is why I'm thinking this update could be the cause of the problems I was having.


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Ignore it... it'll disappear after a few days.
You should only look at the security updates and recommended updates for IE, OE, DirectX and nothing else.
It could be possible that on some AMD CPU's there was a bug and that the patch 'resolves' this bug. Though it's more of a workaround than a real patch, you can't patch a CPU with software. The reason why the Win2k Updater doesn't have this patch listed while XP does, is maybe because XP uses a part of the CPU that has this bug and Win2K doesn't use that part. It may sound weird, but it's all I can think of.


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I clicked on the supported hardware link under the description of it and it say's

Advanced Micro Devices processor software update released on December 17 2002.


AMD K7 Processor

Has anyone else had this come up on the update site. Every athlon processor I've had I've had this come up. I'd really like to know what it is.


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Yup. I see it when I first install windows.
There's an Intel version too.
I guess it's just MS' version of a patch for windows to correctly identify/manage resources within windows.


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I actually installed the update, and the posted version date was actually older than the original processor driver, ( I have an Athlon XP 2400+). After the install, it did not have a detailed listing of what CPU I had in my system, and the system developed wierd little issues here and there. I promptly uninstalled the update, and everything has ghone back to normal. I have no idea what the updateis supposed to do, but I definitely don't recommend it!


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How did you go about uninstalling it? I intstalled it again just to be sure and the problems are back. I'm looking through add remove programs but I don't see the driver anywhere.


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I install software for my processor... it basically allows for better functionality of cool n quiet support :cool:

I am sure the patches are just basic things to make sure everything works properly... lord only knows m$ patches everyone and their pet pooch so its hardly surprising :D
No idea what it does, but I uninstalled it anyway (I do Windows Update about once a week so I saw it a little while back) and havent noticed a difference.


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I used the rollback feature in the device manager to go back to the previous driver. Now I just ignore it on the update list.


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O.K., this is what I know about this update.

It's a driver designed specifically to utilize AMD PowerNow!™ Technology.
  • The Key Benefits of AMD PowerNow!™ Technology are:
    Optimizes battery life
    Provides performance on demand when required by the application
    Allows the processor to dissipate less heat under normal operating conditions, providing a cooler and quieter-running notebook
    Operates automatically in the background

How odd. The version I have is "out of the box" Windows XP Pro, SP1 - MS has offered me an update to it. But...

Check this out---> MS info <---

Seems it is mainly/only for Portables/Laptops.

That's why I never installed the update.

If you are having a problem with the updated driver you can go into "ControlPanel" -> "System" -> "Hardware" -> click the "DeviceManager" tab -> then right click on "Processors" -> then click "Properties".

You will get an info window. Click on the "Driver" tab and then you can click on the "Roll Back Driver" button and the System with set it back to the older Driver (see attachment).

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