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I have a inspiron 8100 a 1.2ghz..and now when it is running on batteries and i rght click on my computer and go to properties it shows two cpus twice??? what is shows it as 1200mhz and then below 797mhz?
Im really confussed it is a 1.2ghz processor.

Also when it is running on AC and i do the same it shows the cpu at 1200mhz and then below 597mhz..???
Id thought something wasnt right so i refereshed the screen as i had just put the laptop on and then it showed 797mhz...can anyone explain this plz??

original delboy

I have found out whay it is to do that..its cos of the step up thing that win xp pro or the dell machine basically it uses less cpu when not of need!!


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6 Dec 2001
ya, amd's use Powernow to do that and Intel's use Speedstep, you can turn if off if you want, it's a feature to conserve battery life :)

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