Processor doing all the work!



dragging the blue box around icons in my computer runs like shit and uses all the processing power

I thought it was the processor bottlenecking and i don't understand why it is running so slow?

does anyone know why this is or how to remedy the problem?

I have XP pro on my system, and i am running a 1.0 GHz pentium 3 with 256 meg of RAM and a 32 Meg geForce 2

cheers, Bigals.
If you mean when you are holding the mouse key in and selecting a bunch of icons it seems to take a large toll in XP more so then it did in 2k, my best advice is to turn off the details on the left side of the screen that say how many files selected and the size as it seems to slow it down as it calculates the total, this is due to the processor working and the harddrive skipping around as you select, you might consider running a defrag and seeing if that helps any :)

I hjave tried a defragg yesterday, my friend is running XP the same way as me and he has a 700MHz processor, a watch the task manager, the processor goes to 100% and the mem and hard drive go fractionally higher, the same is isplayed in the windows performance check program.

any more complicated and more realistic ideas, no offense intended of course.

thankyou for your inpyt mate,

You said your friend has the same type of set up, but I couldn't follow, is he having the same type of problem as you are?

no, his system is running better and he has a slower chip, can you help tell me how to check if my chick is running fast enough?
or something like that ?
This could be a video driver problem. Do you have the latest drivers?

yes mate your right i solved it yesterday, thankyou anyway my friend!

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