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For the past couple days this process has been using alot of resources....

I end it, and Windows Defender comes up with errors and such..
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MsMpEng.exe is a process belonging to Microsoft Windows Defender Antispyware which protects your computer against Internet-bound threats such as spyware and trojans which can be distrubuted through e-mail or attack directly to the computer allowing unauthorized access to your computer. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.
If you are wondering about its high resources...I found this thread on the MS one care board


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that didn't really help, it's people talking about the problem, but I did not see any fixes??

mastershakes, u make sense, but I don't know if I want too


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I did the other week, as a similar issue (not quite the same) was happening. Downloaded the latest Defender version (I think they've released two)

and installed it. My issue? Checked, and defender had not been updating itself, and not scanning as I set it up. So I uninstalled, installed new version, and she seems OK right now.


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Bman™ said:
that didn't really help, it's people talking about the problem, but I did not see any fixes??
You have to remember that this is still a "beta". Windows Defender still has a few bugs. As mastershakes mentioned, reinstalling might resolve your issue.

The following is based on an average memory usage:
Process for Defender:


8.1MB Memory usage during real time protection (background)
8.8MB Memory usage during scanning

11.2MB Virtual memory during real time protection (background)
11.4MB Virtual memory during scanning

Process: MSASCui.exe

4.5MB Memory usage during real time protection (background)
5.2MB Memory usage during scanning

9.2MB Virtual Memory during real time protection (background)
9.4MB Virtual Memory during scanning

If you are worried about its high usage. You could just set the service to disabled and start it whenever you want to perform a scan. So whenever you need to perform a scan just start Windows Defender and services and disable them upon scan finish. but this defeats the purpose of having it run in the background


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that does defeat the purpose, I guess I will uninstall and reinstall..

mastershakes, got a link to the version u are using?

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