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Process problem


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Him Im Fixing This Dell and when it opens it takes a long time and after its done loading windows and opens its using 100% process taskmngr.exe explorer.exe and some other files are using to much process i tested the hard drive on a diff computer and it was working perfect and i thought maybe its the memory so i changed them and replaced them with other ones and when i turnd it on there was a beeping sound and did not open can u plz help me thank you.


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Sounds like something is running and hogging all your resources, most like a virus or spyware/malware.

Click Start - Run - Type "msconfig" without quotes. Use the further most right tab, called startup, and disable all. Reboot the PC, if the problem goes away, you can enable items a few at a time to find the culprit by checking boxes next to each and rebooting.

Could also post a hijackthis log, perhaps we can help you point it out.


OSNN One Post Wonder
thank you but ill give it a try i have formated the hard drive and reinstalled windows again and when i tested it the hard drive on a different computer worked perfect but thanks ill try what u said if it does not work maybe u can tell me another way of fixing it thanx.


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Whe i tried opend msconfig i went to the start up and there was nothing showing there but the tab next to it services had all of it u think i should try to disable them.


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If you want to disable them, the best way to go is to check the box that says "hide all microsoft services", or something like that. This way services that are required for Windows to run can still load. After that, try disabling all and then re-enabling as possible.

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