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probs starting custom built comp


the 4um stalker
So this is going in the motherboard section since that's what I would logically blame for this problem.

The specs:

Gigabyte GA-K8VNXP mobo
AMD 64 3200+
Kingston PC3200 1GB 400MHZ 184pin DDR RAM
nvidia geforce4 mx 420 video card
Demon 580W power supply
something or other IDE hd

ok.. so the problem:
When the computer boots it shows that the computer is "ok" (one beep is heard which apparenlty means system is ok), amount of ram is specified, processor is acknowledged... however.. the hd shows no activity (referring to the led) and it doesn't get to the point where it can read anything from a disk.. when the keyboard is unplugged there is no keyboard missing error.. so you can tell the bios isn't getting very far since it isn't even noticing that. muzikool and i have tried unplugging everything except for the hd, the cd drive, and the ram.. we're at a loss as to what the problem is.

so.... anyone have any ideas there? there could be a short on the board or something.. i'm not sure.. input is really appreciated
I would reset the bios by removing the batter. Also, I'd replace the board in the case. Make sure it's not grounded. Then I'd check your PSU specs and see if you have enough juice. Sure it's a 580W but it might not be all that great.


Dabba Dooba
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Yes he does mean the cmos battery.

edit: From this so called review doesnt sound like your PSU is a good brand. Maybe this could mean something like mentioned above


The One and Only
either could do that, or you could just see if there's points on the motherboard to connect to reset the BIOS. i know my GigaByte GA-8IK1100 has 2 solder points that you connect with like the end of a screwdriver or something to reset it.


the 4um stalker
the reason i got that psu is because at newegg.com it's the best rated out of all the psu's.. and 580W.. so that's why I got that.. I'm leaning more toward the idea of the board being grounded or the cmos battery doing something funky.. or otherwise just a short in the board.. maybe i should go back to square A and reinstall all the components.. bugger
PSU doesnt look that bad but its got so much extra stuff going on its stupid :p

http://www.powmax.com/POWER/Demon/Demon 580.htm

I'd certainly have gone with another one. Anyway if its booting to the bios its not shorting, disconnect all the drives and see if it gets as far as trying to boot an OS. If it does you got a cable either damaged or the wrong way around. If not possibly a faulty drive.
n0d3, ya, i'm guessing it's a jumperless board. all that USUALLY means is that there's not the jumpers like you'd have to switch on IDE drives, but there's probably still points you can connect. Think my mobo's considered jumperless, and it just has 3 tiny spots of solder pretty close together. all i have to do to reset my BIOS is take a small flat screwdriver or something and place it across 2 of the points to reset my BIOS.


the 4um stalker
i'll try disconnecting the drives and if that fails then i'll try finding those solder points.. thanks guys

edit: i'm too tired to deal with it tonight... i'll do it in 12 hours when i wake up :yowch:


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might want to swap out the ide cable. could be bad. also check the molex connector to see if it's loose, and making proper contact with the drive. try a few of the extra ones to see if you get power to the drive.


the 4um stalker
ok.. so are we assuming the power is fine? because according to the link to the powmax site that lordofla posted, the demon is made for atx12v 1.1 and my board is just atx12v... also the site says it's made for amd xp, and mine's a 64.. that kind of bothers me.. what's your input?

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