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Problems with WMP11 after

updating my geforce drivers and my directx. all of the videos i play seem to look "washed out", like theres a grey/white screen over the video. its affecting quicktime as well but not VLC. my vlc is using opengl as its renderer so im guessing thats why its ok, since if i switch it to dx, the same happens. i tried messing with the options in wmp but nothing is working, so is there a place to change the settings for dx?


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What video drivers? ATI or Nvidia? If its Nvidia a video color setting could have gotten mucked up, I have seen it happen before.
nvidia, what can i do, i opened the nvidia control panel thing, looked around but didn't know what to change since i never used it to control brightness and stuff.

ok i tried to take a snapshot to compare, but i can't screencap with a directx video, and if i use vlc to capture a snapshot it comes out in the correct color/quality


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When you open the Nvidia Control Panel in Advanced mode, on the left side you will see a category called "Video & Television" under that category you will see "Adjust Video Color Settings" Click on that, then on the right side you should see various color correction settings. Check to make sure none of them are at some odd setting.

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