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Problem's with wireless Belkin Router...


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There are 2 desktop computers and a laptop in the household and all were set up and running fine using the 'Belkin 54Mbps Wireless G 802.11g Router'. The 2 desktop computers were plugged into the wireless router with wires while the laptop ran fine wirelessly.

Last night while I was surfing internet wirelessly on my laptop in the house as I always do, the connection was suddenly cut and since last night my laptop won't connect to the internet. It comes up in taskbar 'wireless network unavailable' and I have tried using the 'repair' option, I have tried disabling then re-enabling the connection, I have tried unplugging router then plugging it in again but nothing seems to work and the 2 desktop computers are still running the internet fine :-(

Please help? Any feedback much appreciated thank you!


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My router sometimes will lock up and I have to do a power-cycle of BOTH the cable modem and Router...
In order:
1) Ensure ALL wireless connected PCs are off and then power off cable modem
2) power off router
3) wait approximately 30 seconds
4) power on cable modem
5) power on router
6) power any/all wireless PCs

You should be good to go then..

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