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First of all I want to apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum but I think this is the most indicated one.

Sometimes when I exit a game, I found a triangle yellow icon with an '!' characer saying hat windows is low on virtual memory. This mostly happens when I exit Ghost Recon and Medal Of Honor: Allied Assult.
I have read on both readme files from each game that if I don't have the enough free space needed to the window virtual memory work fine the game may not work properly but I have about 20Gb of free space why is this happening?

I'm on a Pentium III 800 with 128ram, 7200rpm hard drive and geforce 2 mx400, and i'm running Win XP PRO.
Is it because of the ram???

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2 Dec 2001
Would definatly recommend a minimum of 256 for WindowsXP also ensure that your system is managing your swap file/virtual memory.

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