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Problems with user account settings



ahoy peeps...

i've some strange/disturbing problem...

i'm running XPpro (US ver.) and i can setup accounts through the USERS GUI in the settings/control panel, and through there also i can set them from admin <-> user rights.....and here is where the problem starts...

i need to set my wife to "main-/master-/power-user", since the plain "limited user" hast trouble with some advanced games, but i dont want to give her ADMIN status, which would open the barn-gates for all sorts of viruses/trojans/spyware/hoaxes.

now...i CAN NOT access the tab MEMBER OF in the USERS & GROUPS submenu in the MMC by ANY account, no matter if admin or guest or any other account.

it tells me then "workstation service has not been startet" (???)

when i check the services MMC and the COM/COM+ MMC it all looks fine (beside there is no 'workstation service' per sey) and only thing that looked related to it was the "Security accounts manager", which is on AUTOMATIC startup and running.....as i check the dependencies of it.....they point to the services "RPC" and the "distributed transaction coordinator"...the "RPC" runs (automatic) but the "distributed transaction coordinator" does not (is on manual) when i start it (which does) it pops up with a message like "is currently not required due dependencies only to certain events like the performance monitor" (something like that) and quits the service again.

anyone a clue/tip/trick how to access the MEMBER OF tab in the USERS-MMC ? or where i find this darn "workstation service" ?

addendum: different users login+PW's via XP startup runs fine BTW


PS: the M$ knowledge DB doesnt have an error like that *amazed* ;) i tried it there already


I'm sorry Hal...
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You have no "workstation" service in your list of avaliable services? odd

run "services.msc" (from start -> run), and check in there. I'm sure you have but just to make sure were looking in the same place


ok.here now a thought, i'm not sure if its worth it to be considered true.but i'll throw it in here for u to comment ab. it

i've ran b4 the US version a german XPpro version (yah, i'm a german immigrant ;)) in which i HAD NOT this problem...now i'm running a so called "university-students version" of the XPpro US version (my wife had trouble with the german version, thats why i switched) - u know the ones with the 5-bucks for every CD from microsoft for the enrolled students to get the students hooked up and used to Microsoft products...

COULD it BE that this version from the university (its actually from the indiana university IUPUI) is somewhat stripped ???
wouldnt make sense though, but then, with microsofts lately running crazy in their rights/EULA policies u never know (not to mention the tons of phonehome issues in microsoft software)

another Q is, can i 'after install' this missing "workstation" service, and how do i do that?



"can i 'after install' this missing "workstation" service, and how do i do that?"

of course you can, check your windows disc and if you can't install it from there try windows catalog. otherwise, search and beg, it's out there somewhere just waiting for you to track it down and install it.



i think i found a designflaw in XPpro
after a couple of reinstalltests i found out why and why not,,,

the 'trick' is, to let the winXP installer 'autoinstall' the LAN/WAN standard protocols (or at least select one manually, like MS file+printers haring) and not kick everything out except the TCP/iP protocol (all u need for internet, right ? ;))
ergo no WROKSTATION and no SERVER service are being istalled which seem to be necessary for the 'user rights finetuning' of the group-rights memberships for users/accounts....

my question is still.how can i MANUALLY (e.g. via console, like the XP-inbuilt .ZIP-folder crap removal) install/uninstall single services...and where do i find a list of a more indepth explanations what each fricking service actually is for ?


PS: tinomen, u sound like u dont grasp the concept of windows services.they aint regular programs..they're more like system drivers...

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