Problems with the ICQ History: Any ideas?


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24 Dec 2001
Well, I havent the faintest idea why this is being caused. Basically what happens is I click the history button on the message window, which brings up the message history with that user.

Well, it will only show my messages, unless I highlight the other messages. Like, there can be an entire conversatoin, im 1 and my friend is 2

1: Hi
2: Heya
1: How are you?
2: Good, and you?

But isntead in the history I see it as

1: Hi

1: How are you?

I can clikc where 2 would be, and then it would show me. :(
It could be a font or background color problem. Try downloading and installing the latest version of ICQ (if you haven't already) and see if that clears up the problem. Do you get the same thing for all of your contacts or just for some of them?

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