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Problems with Symantec Ghost 2003


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Hey guys,

I haven't used the program too much, but we seem to use it a lot at my work. However I've been tasked with finding out what the problem we are having is... So I'm going to give you the whole story and maybe, hopefully you guys can help me.

Ok, so what we're trying to do is make it so that we can use a disk that will boot the computer to the network so we can get the image from the network. Now, we'll run the wizard and select the appropriate driver. It will say that it can't all fit onto one disk, so we use two. Ultimately what will happen when we're using the floppy disks is that it will either say Bad Boot Disk, or Invalid media or something like that...

So then we decided we would try using a CD.

Using the disks that we have, we would copy the files from the second floppy disk onto the hard drive. Then opening up Nero, we'd go to create a boot disk, and select the option from valid boot media at the top for the floppy... then when the explorer comes up to copy files to the disk, we copy the files from the second disk that were already on the computer.

Go to burn, tried different kinds of emulation [Floppy 2.88 & no emulation], it copies whatever it needs from the first disk that's still in the drive for the boot and copies the info from the hard drive.

Set the computer up so it looks at the CD Rom first, and all it does is read the CD, goes to a blank screen with a flashing cursor at the top and that's it, it sits there and doesn't do anything until you turn it off. Now we've only tried this on Dells, but they had different network cards and we used different selections creating it from the disks. What is it that we're doing wrong?


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Hmmm....I feel your pain. I am not sure how to solve your particular problem, but perhaps I can propose an alternate solution.

Currently I use BartPE, which can be obtained as freeware from http://www.nu2.nu Great utility. How this would change your current setup is you would boot to the PE (Pre-installed Environment) and it would be like a Mini-Windows. From there, you could launch Ghost, or do whatever else. The sky is the limit, and you can get a glimpse at what others use it for by checking out the CD Forum... http://www.911cd.net/forums/

I would view this as a much more efficient setup, easier to maintain/troubleshoot as well. I hate floppies, mostly because they are unreliable and the drives themselves are often failing these days. But, that depends on your current setup.

Shamus MacNoob

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This is not such a hard thing at all first up you need to find the proper dos drivers for your network adapter the ndis files they are no way over 1.44mb then you need to just go into ghost 2003 and make your network boot disk no need for nero or anything else , just build the bootable with the ndis files and ghost I do this all the time at work. Then I turn my floppies into bootable cd's cause I work in a cement plant and that fine dust kills our floppies in no time.

Shamus MacNoob

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The thing here is the NDIS you dont need the whole damn drivers with dll's and all that jazz just the dos part of the drivers, I am sure if you look hard enough you will find it.


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We've downloaded updated drivers regarding the network adapters and have used the ndis2 files... that hasn't changed anything. We're using the drivers correctly.

I don't know what we're doing wrong in the process because everyone else seems to be doing the same thing we are.


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I use Bartpe with Acronis True Image in it. Never had a problem .. Ghost seems to have a problem with not playing nice. I don't think I've ever been able to ge it to work right on my end. True Image on the other hand I never had a problem with ..

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