Problems with Screen Flickers and vSync


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24 Sep 2007
hello all, I'm aware i may be grave digging BUT i believe I'm having incredibly similar issues as this thread ( we are looking into getting my mobo/cpu replaced and will see if that alters my predicament. if it does not then i fear my videocard is indeed stuffed.

i also have screen flickers and several programs just don't appear to be affected by vsync.

anyways, this thread seems pretty good and is exactly what i experience. I came upon this thread by googling "core 2 duo optimizer" (without quotes) while searching for possible issues with core2 duo processors. i also have been looking at my power supply.
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Hi Franpa.. I moved your post to it's own thread and edited your post to reference the original thread.

So, lets start with some basics since some people will need/want more info to help you - like what your system specs are (Video Card, MotherBoard, CPU, memory, Operating System Version, etc..)

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