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Problems with quicklaunch tool bar & autohide after reinstalling XP. I had 5 buttons in the quicklauch toolbar prior to the reinstall. These were all in the lower right hand side of the quicklauch toolbar (right next to the system tray). Afte I reinstalled XP they're all on the far left and always end up there even after customizing their location (Locking them into place does not stick after the reboot). The other similiar issue is that the 'autohide' function fails to work after rebooting as well. I can check the "auto hide the taskbar" till I'm blue in the face and it will not retain that setting after any subsequent reboots as well. How can this be fixed?


Did you update your system to (this day and time) 13-02-2004 16:57 GMT?

SP1a + the usual sp2 and other updates.


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Lee said:
Did you update your system to (this day and time) 13-02-2004 16:57 GMT?

SP1a + the usual sp2 and other updates.

Yes and part of the problem is fixed. The icons are correctly displayed on the right in the Taskbar, BUT...The "autohide the taskbar" will NOT stay checked and the "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows" will not remain unchecked after boot ups. I can change these 2 settings after the reboot and they work fine for that session, however after rebooting they revert back. Must be a registry issue. I found nothing in TechNet. I don't want to have to reinstall XP again to see if this issue will be repaired.
tray auto hide error

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Hello ! I have similar problem:

I have winxp PRO with SP1+SP2. The auto-hide feature doesn't work anymore (was working before a failed startup)... Now everything is alright (after the failed startup, i just startup again). But this damned autohide feature doesn't work. The checkBox remains activated but it doesn't work. I checked the registry value (enableAutoHideMenu) and it was correct.

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Please if you get answers tell me..


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SP2 has not been officially released as the final version has it? Why are so many people using it then wondering why something has gone wrong?
SP2 is not the problem :) But I have a solution

:) I got this information on expert-exchange forums :

... here is the magic combination that finally solved my problem. I noticed that if I set any icons to ‘Always hide’ then the chevrons would appear, however they would go away just as quickly if I returned the setting to 'Hide when inactive'. The trick is that I rebooted while I had two icons set to 'Always hide'. I doubt that the fact that I chose two icons to hide was relevant, but I am fairly certain that rebooting while the setting was in place somehow reset the 'Hide Inactive Icons' functionality. After rebooting I was able to set all icons back to 'Hide when inactive' and the circle and chevrons appeared as normal. Give it a try, doesn't sound like you have anything to lose unless it doesn't work of course, then there is your sanity.
(source : Link to expert exchange thread)

For me, it worked well :) (i only had to make 1 icon always hide then apply settings. Then the arrow came again and i made the icon back autohide)


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