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Problems with Netmeeting and Yahoo Messenger in XP

It seems that I am having problems using the video portions of Netmeeting and Yahoo Messenger. Actually...when i go to start and run and type in Conf and hit enter...the Netmeeting splash screen comes up but the application never does!!! And on yahoo messenger...I can use the chat part fine...but when I go to allow someone to view my cam or try to view a cam...it totally locks up. My cam is a Logitech QuickCam Express USB. I have the latest driver from Logitech installed for it. Come to think of it....the picture taking software that is installed with it locks up alot of the time. Please tell me that someone else has had this problem and knows how to fix it. Thanks in advance.



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sounds like the cam's playing up with all the programs that could use it... like netmeeting, yahoo etc

might want to reinstall thedrivers... are they xp verified drivers?
I downloaded the software from here http://www.logitech.com/cf/support/quickcamfiles.cfm

here is what it says about it...

This release incorporates Windows XP support for current Logitech QuickCams.

This is a full version, but does not contain any third party applications such as Microsoft® NetMeeting®. Those applications can be found on your original QuickCam CD or directly from the third party vendor. Eliminating third party applications from a web release allows the download size to be greatly minimized for your convenience.

Logitech normally suggests all QuickCam users download the latest version of software, however we also understand these downloads can be large in size. Due to this large size, QuickCam 6.0 should only be downloaded by Windows XP users or users specifically instructed to do so by our Customer Support staff.

How do I tell if the drivers are certified or not?


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When you installed XP did you do an upgrade or did you reformat your HD and do a clean install? If you did an upgrade most of your problems may be the result of old drivers still residing on your computer. A reformat and clean install will probably solve those problems. I have a QuickCam Pro 3000 and it works fine with the 6.0 software from Logitech. As far as Yahoo goes I had that same problem with a previous version of Yahoo when I was still using 98 so I dont think it has anything to do with XP. Make sure you have the latest version of Yahoo Messenger, you will have to go to their website to find out what the latest version is, I have I haven't installed Netmeeting on XP but other video chat programs work fine with XP.
I installed XP Professional into its own partition...so there shouldn't be an issue about old drivers right? I do have the latest version of Yahoo Messenger....i know that much.


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I cant help you with Yahoo since I have not tried that since going to XP, however I can tell you how to install Netmeeting since it doesn't sound like you have it installed.

Click on Start, Help and Support, do a search for netmeeting. The first result that should be returned is Whats new in other areas of Windows XP. Click on this link and to the right you will see Netmeeting with a + beside it. Click on the + and then click on the Using netmeeting link. Then click on Open Netmeeting. This will install Netmeeting and then you can access it from your desktop.

With the other problems you can try changing your display colors and see if that helps any, if its on 16 bit try 32 bit, if its on 32 bit try 16 bit.
ok...i did what ya said and netmeeting actually started...BUT...when I tried to make the video window bigger...it froze and i had to end task it. Its not in Start--->Programs---->Accessories--->Communications either....isnt it sposed to be there?



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Its not in my start menu either so I guess its not supposed to be there.

I didn't have any problems making the vid window bigger.

The only other thing I can think of that you might try is to uninstall the cam (remove in device manager), uninstall the logitech software, reboot, then reinstall the cam and the logitech software and see if that clears up the problem.
hmmm...how do ya start it then?...do ya have to go to run and type Conf everytime? I just tried that and it wouldnt start at all. I looked in Task Manager and for some reason there was 4 instances of COnf.exe running....I was able to kill all but 1 and it will not go away...:(


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When I installed it it put a shortcut on the desktop.

If you still have conf running it probably will not start again, try logging off and then back on and see if conf is still running.

Another possibility since I know that your cam will work ok with XP and I know the logitech program will work with XP and that Netmeeting will work with XP is maybe a problem with the usb port. I seem to recall seeing that some people have been having problems with usb devices, since I haven't had any problems with mine (I have 3 usb devices working ok) I didn't pay any attention to the usb problems. Check with your motherboard web site to see if they have any updates to address usb issues.

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