Problems with my RAM



I am running XP pro on an Abit AX3SP motherboard with a PIII 750 with 256mb of PC133 ram.

Anyhow, I recently added another 128mb of PC133 ram to my system and everything was fine until I migrated everything over to a new case.

Once I reinstalled everything in the new case the system wouldn't post. All the fans and drives whirred up but I would get no beep or video. After testing everything out I found that the RAM seemed to be the problem.

I've found that if I startup my system with just the original 256mb stick of memory the system will start. I also found out that if I startup the system with the 128mb stick of memory it will also start. However, if I try to start the system with both sticks of memory in it will not give the beep and video.

i've tried using the 3 different slots for memory and the same situation continues.

Anyhow have any idea what the problem might be?

It's really weird.
I was going to say are they the same speed? but i just reread and they are.

I just want to say two things.

1. i have a pair of SA6 abit boards. They work sometimes with ram but if i leave it off, the next morning it will bsod on bootup. Memory is at fault... if i try other memory they are fine. Whats strange, all the memory sticks i try on those boards work fine on another machine.

2. Abit boards have a problem with 256mb chips. Especially Solano boards. I know mine did.

I know these dont help but you might want to bear in mind to try another chip, and to see if your board is a solano.

If they both worked in another case, check the boards not touching the case at any part.

Sometimes the memory needs to be in order of size... like my old one :( have u checked of they are same type ie. SDRam and DDRam are different...

also check your MB Manual for any settings u need to check etc... if all else fails return the Ram and get another one...

Thanks for the hints.

I just rechecked my post and I made a mistake, I actually am running an AOpen AX3SP, my old board was an abit so I guess I mistyped, my bad.

Anyhow, I checked both my ram sticks and both are PC133 DIMMs.

The thing that really throws me for a loop is that when I first added the additional 128mb of ram, there was no problem and it ran great for over a month the 256mb + the 128mb.

The ram problem has only come up since i moved everything over to the new case. Every other component works fine, but like I said, now I can only use one stick of memory at a time.

I have tried different combinations of memory slots (ie largest first then smallest first). No combination makes any difference.

I tested each stick individually in an older machine I have and both work fine. Seems my AX3SP has decided not to like both at once.
could the mobo be shorting out somewhere on the new case? try installing the new memory with the mobo out the case and then stick the mobo (with memory fully installed) into the case... may work, may not.

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