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problems with linksys nic



i'm running windows xp on a linksys 10/100 etherfast nic...with a befsr41 4 port linksys router...with xp firmware...when i play video games..my connection seems a little weird..like sometimes i have to press a button twice to get the desired action...seems like theres some packet loss....any one else get this?
Define "video games". Normal computer game (CS, Quake) or is it a console game (like XBox). Which game is it?

Anyway, most (if not all) games are run locally with a connection to the server. This means that all key presses are processed by the local computer and not by the server. So the action should be made even if you have packet loss. There could be some serious lag however.


tac ops and unreal tournament.....i never had problem with windows millenium... xp installed the driver for my linksys card automatically...and i updated my router firmware for xp... i have service pack 1 on here too....not sure if its something to do with the services...that run....or maybe service pack 1 (used to have almost the same problem with win2000 advanced addition)


I'd start with the obvious things. Change the cable (I take it this is a simple small home network). If that does'nt work change the NIC.

It just might be the router, but obviously that's an expensive item to change - but you might need to experiment with a loaner.

If the problem moves from OS to OS I think you can pretty much discount a software/OS problem. The Linksys is a fairly well known card, and will simply install without an issue in XP, I would have thought.

I am suspicious of your network cable. Why - well the thing about network cables is that you can have a small imperfection somewhere, and if it results in an intermittent connection you might not notice until you use a bandwidth heavy application.

If you keep going on & off line, fairly rapidly your OS might be compensating by not logging you out of the network, but simply coming back online. You can remove the network cable for up to about 10 minutes in some circumstances, and still reconnect - and your PC, if it isn't doing anything, won't say a dickie bird.

Try it!


i dunno...its just sometimes....i have a 2 pc network setup...anyway to use software to test this?....it could be the game servers..not sure
It could very well be the game servers or at least your connection to them. The easiest way to diagnose the connection is to do a ping. Open up the console and run ping -n 100 <server>. This will ping the server 100 times and display the results. If any time out or the ping is above, say, 200, there is likely to be problems of the kind you describe. If all the pings are very low it's probably something else.

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