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problems with irc system graphics stats


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Hey guys, I' m not sure if this is the right forum for this, if not could a mod please redirect it?

Ok here's my problem, i'm a frequent mIRC user and when i ask my scri[pt to pull up my pc stats, It shows my old graphics driver ATI 3D RAGE, whereas now im using nvidia geforce 6800 XT. Now, i've tried the following things already,
Reinstalling irc, and deleting older ATI Drivers out of any folders they existed in (also uninstalled it). Yet even after doing all this it still shows the older card, could any one give me any ideas or so on how i could fix this problem, maybe something i haven't thought of (more than likely) =), cheers


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Maybe you can manually edit the script to show your new card? Sometimes old hardware data just gets stuck. /me shrugs

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