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Problems with IE


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In the past two weeks something ocurred to my IE. When I open the browser a search page always appear called only by Search For.... Now the thing is that this was only a home page that came out of nowhere. But now it got worst. Everytime I try to open ANY page this search for.. page always show up in the middle of the page download. Now I have tried adaware, spybot and some others that I dont even remember and they all claim that they found the problem and erase it, but the darn thing is still there. Have anyone out here have a solution for this? Thanks.


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It sounds like CWS or Look2Me, a normal symptom of these is a recurring problem in AAW or SSD, post a HijackThis log and I can take a look.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Sometimes these 'search' pages attach themselves to the host.txt files and start page. Configure Adaware to check the host.txt files and manually check your start page setting in the IE Controls.
Some of the nasties have a life of there own and sort of regenerate themselves if they are in the boot files someplace. I had that problem with nCase a couple years ago when it was first being distributing by 180 Solutions. Let us know how you come out Kirby_Z. And post your HijackThis log ASAP if your able to get out from your hijacked search engine.

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