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problems with far cry cd key

hey guys,:nervous:

i have been having this problem with my cd key on far cry its alwys telling me that i need to re-enter it because it is invalid but sometimes well most of the time it works? this is very weird and annoying i purchased it and its legit, no one else has seen the key please help me guys:cry:, cheers dan


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Try entering the cd key without the dashes and try it in upper case/lowercase. Try every combination you can think of. UBI has a really lame system...... dont get me started.
Thank you ill try it and tell you how i get on, yeah i find UBI a very very very crap system its very unstable too why cant they use steam!!!! take it from valve
aprox:):):):) YOU are the man thank you i entered it in uppercase with dashes thats the only way it works sorry i forgot how f**king basic UBI's system was, once again thanks man u saved me and it was my last try before my account was disabled >.<:devious::devious: time to get back to Far Cry:):p

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