Problems with burning in Nero...



I make backup copies of all the games I buy just incase one doesn't work.

I've been doing it since I bought the 1st game and the other day, I keep getting errors in Nero and I can't copy the cd.

When I go to copy, I keep getting this error.

"Unrecoverable read error at (And it says a time)"

Does anyone know what's causing this because just a couple of weeks ago it was working fine.

Everything works so it's not any of the drives because they work fine with other games.



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It may be the copy protection on the disc try creating the image file using your recorder as the source or try what dj white said as clone cd is good run the attachment to see if your disc is copy protected.


Posted by djwhite
Can you copy CD's that aren't games, ones that aren't copy protected I mean
Try CloneCD too
Do you mean audio cds or something?

I tried creating an image before hand but get the same error message.

Anyway, where can I get clone cd and is it free. Is it simple to use, etc...?


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Alot of discs now to stop pirating(i know your backing up)have incorporated copy protection which will stop the average user from creating a backup.

The tool i posted will detect some of the copy protections out there....clone cd is shareware but it will let you find out if you can copy the disc or not when it has a go (it is very good)also have you updated your nero to the latest version from here and finally can you say what disc you are trying to back up...then we can tell you if its copy protected


I just picked up NBA Live 2003 so it's pretty new.

I'll have a go at Clone CD except it looks more confusing than Nero.

I'll also try to ignore all errors and see if that works.


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I think think nba live 2003 uses safe disc 2.7x copy protection and most cdrw should be able to create a backup image of this disc...then copy off hard drive to cd.

You will need to use clone cd....there are a few others that can do the same but stick with clone cd it`s stable and is really easy to use (honest).:)

dave holbon

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I used Clone CD and Nero (5.5) and found that the two programmes would not work properly under XP. Nero worked fine when Clone CD was uninstalled and vice-versa, never did find out the reason.

Also beware of some CD writers, as it’s been my experience that some can read and write some media (cheapo CD’s) and some cannot, even when dropping the speed down to x4.

I remember (the then new) 1.44mb floppy disks containing copyright programmes formatted to non-dos standards, or at least a standard long since forgotten so that when you attempted to produce a copy it could produce the type of error you mention as the format information on the disk was a lie and was easy to circumvent. Also long forgotten things like “dongles” which plugged into a port on the PC (the programme in place would not run unless it was plugged in) could also easily be gotten around. In recent years music CD’s and copying (without paying royalties to the record company) is responsible for the introduction (proposed standard) of “Longhorn” although the shipping date has now slipped to 2006 due to pending legal action.

I think that the only way to stop illegal copying of (say) CD’s is for this type of specification to be introduced, however it is a combined hardware and software standard effecting every aspect of PC design from the keyboard through the digital signatures required to run the software and even the power supply.

Sorry for the preamble but cracking CD copy protection formats (not difficult) is not part of the learning process. All the clues are here though.


Posted by BonyTony You will need to use clone cd....there are a few others that can do the same but stick with clone cd it`s stable and is really easy to use (honest).:)
I just noticed it only has a 21 day trial. Damn.

If this is good though, I'm going to buy it but can anyone tell me how much is 39.00 EUR.

I'm from Australia and don't know the conversion rates.


what version of nero are you using? I have and haven't had any problems making backups.


I'm having problems with Clone CD as well.

Firstly I tried copying the cd but keep getting this error that my DVD player can't be read or something.

(I think something may be wrong with my DVD player. Any ideas there)

So I cancelled it and tried creating an image and then writing that using only my CD writer. Then I get the error, CD writer doesn't support fast error skip.

I left it for 3 mins and it started up but was slow and I cancelled it.

Can someone tell me how long it usually takes to cpoy a cd using Clone CD on different speeds. I mean, how long at 1kb, 8kb, etc.

Also with creating an image.


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