Problems with booting



When I start my PC, after a few hours of non - actif, XP won 't
start . I have to reboot several times . Last known savings doesn't work. After a few times rebooting, my PC starts normally
and works without problems. What could be the problem ????????
Win XP Pro ; NTFS format ; non - compressed.
Are you getting to the point where the operating system is starting to load? Or is this a problem with your bios posting correctly? You may have a low battery on your motherboard.
My PC stops everytime when the window is loaded with the XP
logo (the blackscreen with the logo ) !
I 've re - installed it already several times evertime
I 've formatted the harddisk.
I'll get this glitch myself on occasion. Mine will only freeze once and a reset gets me going. XP will pick up on the bad start and ask me if I want safe mode - i just hit enter and let it boot normally. Because this is only an occasional problem I've never took the time to troubleshoot it - my thoughts are that it's a driver loading problem. If it ever gets to the point you're experiencing, I think I'll run bootvis a few times and see if that will straighten it out... I guess that's what I'd have to suggest - run bootvis and see if that will organize the driver loading sequence correctly for you.
ie motherboard etc
AMD K6 400
196 Mb ram
8 Mb onboard Trident 8400 video
16 bit onboard sound
8 Gb HD divided in 2 partitions :
6,2 Gb for programs compressed
1,8 Gb only for XP non - compressed and drivers
When I use XP and I 'll choose to restart the PC then
there 's no problem.
I have exact the same problem as Lonman. The pc freezes right after the keyboard lights and the mouse (optical) light blink...

After a reset, everything is fine.

Bootvis has lowered the frequency of the crashes... but it's still there. I was unable to find a pattern yet...
same problem here

I have the same problem and I just can't find a solution anywhere on the web.

I just did a fresh install of win xp pro on NTFS partition. My PC freezes at win xp boot screen. It starts just fine after a couple of resets, and everything is working just fine after that.
When startinf in Safe Mode, it freezes too, but I can see it freezes when loading the file mup.sys. Everytime.

Does anyone know how to solve this really annoying problem ?

I have the latest bios and the latest detonator drivers.

My config:
- Asus A7V Motherboard
- AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1Ghz
- 512 Mb RAM
- Asus GeForce 3 Ti200 64Mb AGP
- Maxtor D740X-6L 80GB 7200RPM
- Maxtor 9.1GB 7200 RPM
- Plextor CD-Writer 12/10/32A
- Pioneer DVD-Rom 106
- Creative SoundBlaster 5.1 Platinium
- Standard 10Mb Ethernet Card

The Maxtor 80Gb is UDMA primary (with a 80 pin IDE cable), the Maxtor 9.1 is UDMA secondary (with a 80 pin IDE cable), the CD-Writer is primary standard IDE (with a 40 pin IDE cable), and the DVD-Rom is secondary standard IDE (with a 40 pin IDE cable).

Please, help me out !


DEL mup.sys:D:D

I myself would do it...maybe you already have;)
wow, that amd setup is pretty bad for xp. i'd suggest running maybe win2k on that setup, if not lower.

time for an upgrade!
Dejav00: Deleting a system file is not such a good idea...

Dijital: What is wrong with my setup? What would you change?
I used Windows 2000 Pro for 2 years now, everything was more than fine, I installed Windows XP on Windows 2000, everything was fine also. Until I change my HD and video card and make a clean install of XP.

Anyone with a real solution here?
I finally found the source of my problem

It's unbelievable how sometimes little things can make you go crazy for days...
Running out of ideas about how to solve my problem, I decided to review the entire procedure of installinf my hardware.
And then I found out that the jumper of my 2nd hard drive was not correctly set (I've mistaken the settings of the Quantum drive with the settings of the Maxtor...). So, I just put the jumper at the right place, went in the BIOS to see if all my settings were right, reboot, and everything went fine. No more freezing at the boot screen, no more resets for hours before booting correctly. It is all fine now.
I know I should have check the jumpers long before, but I was sure that I did things the right way.

So, guys, if one day you have a freezing boot screen problem, don't do like me, and check your jumpers settings and your hardware configuration before asking yourself what is wrong with the damn latest driver you just installed :)

Finally, I would like to thank dejav00 and dijital for their wonderful suggestions of deleting system files and throwing away the new hardware I just bought. Just to let you know my config, in my humble opinion, is more than fine and fast enough to boot XP in less than 15 seconds, including the POST.

Now, I can install all of my softwares, make a ghost image of my partition, and never have to ear about software or hardware problems :)

Thanks to Rodep for his help and kindness.



:Dlol, I know deleting a system file isn't such a good idea, but I was just saying that it's something I would do.:D

Glad you figured out your problem m8:)

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