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Hi I have a Zoom PCI ADSL Modem latest driver build or their latest release of drivers/software is PN:289-00109-A.

Well network has lost continuity. I can connect, then anything from 2 minutes to 2 hours it disconnects. Phone line provider say they have no faults on my line.

It's starting to become a pain in the rear. Some days I just cannot connect atall.

Anyone have any suggestions, been round the houses on this one, like reinstalling and removing software, changing PCI slot etc.

If anyone (repeated sorry) has had similar experiences and found a fix, can they please post (Thanks in advance)?
could be your phone line blowing in the wind, a bad cable in the house, fubar modem not holding the relay open. blame the supplier, it doesn't cost anything to get a sparky out to test all there stuff once your happy. tell em its an intermittent fault and they will send someone. failing that tell em where to shove there contract as they cannot provide any level of service so they have voided there own contract & you will be claiming back the last few months u wasted on a bad connection.

thats a guarenteed engineer call ;)
Well thanks for some of your advice. I live in the UK we have no rights, so will try some of the less aggresive means you stated :)

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