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Problems with Adobe Flash Player?


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I installed Adobe Flash Player (Version 9) on my new Vista box. However, when I visit YouTube or XM Radio (just to name a couple) I get an error telling me that I need to install Adobe Flash Player. I see that the "add-on" is enabled but I do not see the ActiveX control within the "Downloaded Program Files" or "Uninstall a program" (as it appeared in Add/Remove Programs for XP). I go back to the Adobe Flash Player site and the Flash plays. Same with my own web site which has a Flash intro.

Can anyone resolve this issue? Thank you.


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I got it working. I ran the uninstall tool from Adobe and then reinstalled. This time it added the ActiveX control. Thank you.


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I have been having problems with firefox wanted flash, but when it installs it gives an error and says to manual install.

I go to get the flash 9 player, download it, click run and it dosen't do anything. Whats going on?
Are you using Vista x64?

If you are - and have this issue - don't use IE7(x64). Specifically open the (x86) version for compatibility with Flash players. I had that issue for a long while and boy did it bother me.. I never realized I was sometimes opening x64 and sometimes x86, all based on which icon i clicked on (the quicklaunch, or the Dock icon).


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Also :

There appears to be a problem with Adobe Flash Player and Vista where web sites will not play Flash related content, even if you follow the link provided and install the player and it said that it was installed.

Navigate to:


Then right clicked over both 'Flash9b.ocx' and 'FlashUtil9b.exe', and chose properties.

In properties choose the 'security' tab > Click on the 'everyone' account, and the button called 'edit' and then tick the box called 'allow full control' and also choose your own Windows local account name.

Once you have done this for both files run the FlashUtil9b.exe and it should install and update and tell you to restart. Do so and you should find that YouTube and other sites that use flash now work.
Instead of running the flashplayer software from the website I had to download it to my desktop and install it from there. It has worked fine since then. Anyone who has Call Of Duty2 will need to do this as the installer requires flash to install the game.

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